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virtual online assessments



Carry out online assessments conveniently, regardless of where all parties are located!

What are the problems businesses face:


Hiring the wrong person with the wrong skills leads to high costs, i.e. up to 1.5 years salary. Promoting the wrong person with the wrong skills has an impact on your business growth, employee engagement and client satisfaction. Not investing in succession planning, thereby not knowing who your talents are, impacts your business growth.

When do you use virtual assessments:


  • Personnel Selection & Recruitment

  • People Development & Talent Management

  • Succession Planning

What is the benefit for you:


  • agile response to a targeted planning and management of your talents

  • assessment of your people across time zones and locations without having to travel

  • sustainable and cost effective process for you and candidates as no travel and other opportunity costs result

  • prevents you from poor selection decisions, you can save up to 1.5x annual salary

  • ability to identify and assess future resource needs and better resource planning

  • delivery of a focused management audit to determine strengths and development areas that can be translated into a focused development plan

  • maintains the same high validity and reliability as face-to-face assessments

How does it work:

  • We use easy to operate software

  • Maintaining safety and data security standards

  • Call us now to know more

What we offer

Ein Mann, der sein Tablet-Gerät betracht

 3 hours

  • Competency-Based Interview

  • Cognitive Ability Tests

  • Motivation

Frau mit digitaler Tablette

Half Day

  • Competency-Based Interview

  • Cognitive Ability Tests

  • Personality, Motivation & Values

  • Business Simulation


Full Day

  • Competency-Based Interview

  • Cognitive Ability Tests

  • Personality, Motivation & Values

  • Multiple Business Simulations

Eszter Nyuli, MA

Leveraged over 200+ virtual assessments and coachings over the past years. 20 years of assessment and executive coaching experience across industries, management levels and nationalities.

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Evelina Ascalon, PhD

Over 20 years of experience in  measuring and

developing human performance.  

200+ assessments, of these 100+ virtual assessments. Cross-culturally and technologically savvy. 

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